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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 is going to be Great!

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe it's been a whole year since I started this little bloglog of mine. I haven't been the best bloglogger. I'm sad about that. I really thought I'd bloglog every single day. And the last time I blogged was in September. How pathetic is that?

Oh well. What can I do? Perhaps this year will be my year to blog!

So I took a look at last year's "resolutions". Man, I really resolved to do a lot and you know what? I hardly accomplished any of them! Let's review:

To quote myself on January 1, 2007:
So for 2007, I've decided to make a few New Year's Resolutions. Actually, just one major one. My only big "resolution" this year, is to Bloglog everyday.

Bleh, didn't do that!

So here's my past list, let's see which one's I managed to accomplish:

Here's my Top Ten list of "What I'd definitely like to do in 2007".
10. To make new friends. I did do this. Thanks Malgosia!
9. To become a SIFF member. Nope, not yet. Perhaps never.
8. To network with designers and artists. Sort of did this. Need to do more.
7. To at least write a few chapters of "my book". Not at all! Sigh
6. To finally finish all those websites that I haven't finished. Again, not at all!
5. To be more organized. Hmm? I'm semi organized. So that half counts.
4. To walk more, eat less, and lose all this arm fat. I walked less, ate more and gained more arm fat!
3. To watch a movie (past or present) at least once a day. (Oh, this will seriously help my arm fat! But I really do need to catch up on all the movies I've missed.) Shyeah right, I'm so behind, the last movie I saw in the theater was Bourne Ultimatum.
2. To experience more of this great city. Unfortunately I haven't done this as much as I would like.
1. To get a full-time, great paying job (or for Paul to get one), so I can do most
of these things on this list! Okay Paul got a full time job, NOT great paying. And I got myself a contract at Microsoft. So this was semi done.

So this year I have a whole new lists of things I'd like to "resolve" in '08.

10. Remember to take my vitamins everyday.
9. Travel. Preferably to NYC.
8. Improve my time management. I need more time to do stuff.
7. Paint, write, take pictures, do more creative things.
6. Catch up on old TV shows and new movies.
5. Read scripture everyday.
4. Finish all those websites I haven't finished.
3. Buy a house. Or at least start trying to.
2. Get a full time job.
1. Start planning a family.

I also posted stuff I'd like to do by 2009 and those haven't really changed, except for buying a Mini. We bought an Audi instead :) Oh and we decided not to buy a Rollin Street Flat. I'd prefer a house, instead of a glamorized apartment. I quote myself:

And here are a few things that I hope to have done by 2009, which I'm thinking I'll have to start doing something this year to accomplish them by then:
1. To take Paul to NYC. I moved that over to the 2008 list.
2. To go to Spain.
3. To start up LAPH.
4. To have our own art gallery/store.
6. To finally get my bulldog.
7. To buy a Rollin Street Flat. Nevermind the flat, I want a house instead.
8. To have a kid or two.
9. To buy a Mini (which may not fit the kid or two, ha). Got the Audi instead. Much better choice.
10.To fly in Space. Which I probably won't ever do. But I can dream.

So those are my new resolutions...let's see how well I do.

Have a great 2008.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Longest Yard (and day)

Paul and I went to the Seahawks game today. It was the first game for the both of us. It was actually the first NFL game I had ever been to. The tickets were like $175 for two and I must say, it was so not worth it. Yes, I do admit I’m not the biggest football fan out there, but I’m not a huge baseball fan either and I highly enjoy those games. So I don’t believe I was biased against the game. I think what made this game totally not worth the cash boiled down to two reasons: getting to the nosebleed seats and the drunkard a-holes surrounding us.
First of all, we literally trekked five bazillion miles to get to our seats. Yes, walking is good for me, but seriously, I should’ve brought my hiking gear and boots to climb up ALL those stairs, not to mention the fact that the stadium doesn’t have an escalator to get to the top. Again, yes, exercise is good, but come on, would it have killed anyone to put an escalator going to the high level so that one could be prepared to climb the bazillion stairs? By the time we got to our seats (literally 4th down from the highest seats available) I was NOT about to go back down to get the usual stadium delicacies, such as hot dogs and Jones Soda (yay Jones for winning the bid!) So already, points were starting to get deducted in my book. Nonetheless, after catching my breath and wishing I had brought a portable oxygen tank with me, I decided to let it go and enjoy the game. Besides the view was nice. I could see the ferries and big ships in the distance, it was really amazing. And I did manage to get some pretty good shots, even from “way up there”. Anyway, before I go on to my second reason why I didn’t enjoy this highly anticipated event, I have to mention this one little thing… I get the fact that Seattle has this whole 12th man thing and that being loud is what these games are known for, but Holy Cow, I wasn’t prepared for how loud it really was going to be. Either I’m getting old and my ears are getting super sensitive, OR else, some of these people are absolutely nuts! I go with the latter…which brings me to the drunken a-holes and the second reason why Lizzy didn’t enjoy the game [as much as I had hoped to].

I understand that people tend to drink at these games. I mean, cliché wise, it’s what people do, football, beer and dogs (the HOT variety). But seriously, must people get obnoxiously drunk? Okay so that’s a semi oxymoron, but why don’t people who drink learn how to handle their liquor? And if you know you’ll act like an ass, why drink SO much? There were three idiots, and I use that term loosely, who totally could NOT handle their beer intake. It all started with these two guys right in front of Paul and I, who were loud, obnoxious and calling any Bengal fan near them a LOSER (unfortunately we were sitting on the “visitor’s” side). Now clearly these “foos” were drunk. But at times, they were funny. One of them would get down with his dirty self, while the other stood and yelled. And yes, they stood the entire time. So this meant Paul and I could not see a thing, unless we stood as well. (Which I didn’t) A security guard, if you can call her that, came to stand by our section, but seriously, she was a joke. Now picture the smallest Asian chick you can think of, and that’s who was “securing” our section. After half-time, this really thin girl, carrying two beers, swaggered by us and unfortunately became best friends with the two drunkards below us. This chick was unbelievable.

She’d grab people’s asses as they passed her, she threw Ziti noodles, sauce and all, at people several rows below us, she yelled like a maniac and she spilt beer, numerous times on the poor people right below her. And not one single time did anyone do a damn thing about it. Sure, I didn’t do anything about it either, BUT I wasn’t the one who got beer and Ziti thrown on them, nor whose ass was being grabbed. Her actions were just so mind-boggling that I had to take pictures of her. I also knew she’d be a topic in my blog! Needless to say Paul and I left a little bit before the game ended. Yes, we missed the winning touchdown and probably missed the really good part of the game, but somehow we figured it was worth it.

Before we left, we bought a delicious hot dog (and those words usually don’t come out of my mouth) and headed back down the five bazillion mile ramp (pretty much burned off the Dog and soda). It was kind of sad to see so many vomit puddles on the way down. I’d hate to be the people who had to clean up the mess. As we were exiting the stadium, after thinking the madness was over, some drunk lady kept grabbing my jacket, which was around my waist. I thought she was trying to steal it for some reason, so I kept smacking her hand. I wasn’t sure what was going on. She was behind me so it surprised me and I really thought she was trying to take something from me. Paul was a few steps ahead of me and when he turned around, he wasn’t sure what was happening. I had to yank him back because next thing I know he was in her face. Haha. She kept slurring the words, “you’re alright, honey” to me. It turns out, she was burning me with her cigarette ashes and was trying to clean them off of me. How nice! To boot, this all happened in front of Seattle security/police guys. It still amazes me that not one single guy bothered to ask what was going on. A joke I tell ya, a joke.

So walking back to the car, we both came to the conclusion that A, we wouldn’t be attending another game, unless someone gave us tickets or we were able to purchase NICE seats either in those boxes or at least in really low section (those seats are ridiculous to get!) and B, Seattle security and people are just TOO nice (except for the drunken a-holes). Oh yeah and to end the day with a big ol’ cherry on top, while in the garage elevator, this father and teenage son were in there with us and the kid asked the dad, why were they flying flags or something like was Nat’l Hispanic Day, anyway, he answered his kid with some “clever comment”, which was basically a bit on the racist side and the kid just looked at Paul and I with embarrassment. But I didn’t care, I just wanted to get into my car, and get far away from all this smelly, drunken, nonsense known as football. Go Seahawks :)

pictures taken at Seahawk game 2007 © LAPH 2007

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Long time no blog

Wow, how crazy is it that the last time I bloglogged was during the Canne Film festival? That’s just absolutely wrong to take THAT long to bloglog! But since no one really reads this, guess it doesn’t matter. (insert big ol’ smiley face here).

So much has happened since then. The biggest news being, that Paul and I got a car. We got an Audi A4 and it looks like this:

It's a fancy car and we love it. The End!

I’m going to try and start blogging at least 3 times a week. There’s just no excuse why I shouldn’t be able to.

So I’ll bloglog about tomorrow’s big Seahawk game. I’m excited. Stay Tuned!

© courtesy of Audi 2007


Monday, May 21, 2007

Canne I ask you a question?

So I was looking at photos from the Canne film festival and it made me think of several questions....

#1. Why must Angelina Jolie hold Dan Futterman's hand? She never holds Brad's hand, or at least not in public that way, but why must she hold Dan's hand? It bothers me, it really does.

#2. Why in the world does Brad have that 50's little boy hairstyle? It looks funny.

#3. Do the Finnish Heavy metal band, Lordi, always dress like characters from Star Trek?

#4. Is Polanski looking for a 2000's version of Sharon Tate?

#5. Was my bofrend Gael Garcia Bernal, purposely trying to dress like Charlie Chaplin (sans the hat and cane and moustache)?

#6. Speaking of hands (#1)...Why, in every single picture, is Mischa Barton holding Lily Cole's hand? (apparently I have a thing for people holding hands!)

#7. What the heck was wrong with Sharon Stone's cheeks? (she's hanging out on Roberto Cavalli's yacht and they look rather chimpunky)

#8. Who is Gemma Arterton and why was she channeling Jennifer Garner's character Sydney Bristow on Alias?

#9. Why are Pamela Anderson (and David Binn), Kid Rock (and girlfriend), James Blunt (and new girlfriend), spooky Lordi, Ivana Trump and Jessica Simpson at the Canne Film Festival?

#10. And last but not least, why can't I be at the Canne Film festival?

I'd promise pics, but I never deliver! So just use your imagination.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Virginia Tech, a month later....

It’s been a month since the Virginia Tech shooting and I thought I’d write about it now, since I’ve noticed people haven’t talked about it as much, (although there is a nice memorial on Virginia Tech's web site) plus, I didn’t write about it when it happened! I’m so behind. I swear I really need to start bloglogging more. I need to figure out how to make a living writing bloglogs. At my job, I’m working with the blogger of the LeBron blog and he suggested I just keep writing and eventually something will happen. So who knows, maybe I should. BUT I just never find the time to blog. I hate it! I could totally make the time, I just don’t. But I’m going to. I need to.

Anyway, on that note, (this is a nice little segue to the VT shooting), Emil (LeBron’s blogger) asked me to look for an image of Nikki Giovanni for a piece he wrote about on the LeBron blog . She’s a teacher and poet at Virginia Tech and she happened to be a family friend of his. Anyway, I started reading articles about her and the shooting, while looking for an image and in one article, she mentioned that she was afraid of Cho and his writings. I don’t know if it was Ms. Giovanni or another teacher, but they went as far as to describe his writings as horrific. Some even called it grotesque. I read the excerpts of his writings, I couldn’t help but notice that it totally reminded me of horror flicks like “Hostel” or “Saw”. This just really made me think about American views.

I found it rather interesting that these students said this guy had mental problems because he wrote these horrific stories, yet, I bet a good amount of them saw “Hostel” and “Saw” and never thought, something was wrong with Eli Roth or James Wan or Leigh Whannell. That they were seriously disturbed.

I’m in no means, whatsoever, defending what Cho did or even giving him an excuse, but I do want to point out the irony in people’s thinking. If perhaps, Eli Roth came to this writing class and handed the students the script to Hostel 2, I can almost guarantee people would commend him on his writing, and his “imagination”. (As they did with Hostel). I mean at the time of the shooting, look at what the number 1 movie was; ”Grindhouse”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not preaching about the flicks per se or saying not to watch them. Because first of all, I wouldn’t tell anyone what or what not they should do and secondly, I own most of them on DVD! “Saw” did happen to be one of my favorite flicks back in 2004 (but we won’t get into Hostel). But I just find it ironic. Maybe ironic isn’t the right word. I just think it’s interesting what some people would consider “mind blowing” giving certain circumstances.

But my heart does go out to the people at Virginia Tech. They didn’t deserve it. They were at school, learning. They should’ve felt safe. Who wouldn’t feel safe? School’s supposed to be a safe environment. What Cho did was commit a senseless act. He was a hurt person, who just didn’t know how to deal with his emotions. Perhaps something happened to him, something indescribable that he could not talk about, or someone hurt him in the past, whatever the case may be, he was sad. The dude seriously needed help. He seriously needed God. But then again, it seemed like he blamed Christians for a lot. So who knows. Who knows what the answer is. Or how we can stop all these tragic events.

People really need to chill. And not just the Cho’s of the world, but the people who are bullying the Cho’s of the world. Because their actions sometime leave kids with thoughts of hopelessness and desperation and in most cases it’s always the innocent ones who end up becoming the victims of these desperate kids and their thoughtless crimes.

Anyway, I’m going to stop writing because I’m making myself sad.
The moral of this bloglog:
Stop the bullying, or I’ll kick your ass!

Photo © 2007 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University web site

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Boo Hoo for Boo

I'm so grumpy that Boo lost on "Survivor". If you haven't been watching this season's Survivor, you weren't missing much. I enjoyed it, but there was something about it that made me not like it. Perhaps it was the fact that my favorite "Boo" was always this close to getting booted. And finally after making it to fifth place, he got the ol' heave ho. I blame so many people, Alex being one of them. Why in the world did Alex, Mookie and Edgardo choose Dreamz as their fourth "horseman", when if they had chosen Boo, he would've stuck with them through the end. Not only that, they probably would've been the final four! Idiots! So they deserve losing for not taking my Boo.

Anyway, so Boo didn't win anything (I think he does get some cash), not even his Ford pick-up! For that I blame two people, that sneaky little Yau-man and crumby Dreamz. Paul and I were probably the only two people in America who weren't too happy with Yau-man. I thought he was sneaky and sly and just as bad as Dreamz. But he fooled people into thinking he was this "weak, old man". Shyeah right...he won most of the challenges! So I blame him. Plus he gave the truck to Dreamz!! I'm glad Dreamz screwed him in the end. That's what he gets. And because of all this nonsense between Dreamz and Yau-man and everyone hating Cassandra, well Earl won. The only thing I have to say about that is, WOW, he looked totally different. Sort of like Blair Underwood.

So too bad for my Boo. And because he lost and deserves something, he's my Cute Boy du Jour, today!
So Boo, at least you won something :)

Sorry about the bad pic. I pulled it off some weird site, which I've totally forgotten where. I'll get a better one, one day

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Juliette Lewis was wronged...

A couple of nights ago I was watching Inside Edition, which I never do, but they were doing a piece on the Metropolitan Costume Gala, so I was interested. Anyway, Cojo said that Juliette Lewis was the worst dressed of the night. I wanted to see more footage of the event, but of course they only showed a few people. So the next day at work I was able to look at ALL the photos taken that night. Although Juliette did not have on the greatest of dresses, she was by far the worst dressed. I think there were a LOT of awful gowns! So I decided it was my duty to list them here.

But before we get to the women, what was up with Andre whatshisface from Vogue? He claims to be a great fashion stylist and he wore this hideous outfit, including a cape! He has this thing for drapes doesn’t he? First he made poor Jennifer Hudson wear that awful jacket at the Oscars® and then he wears that ridiculous outfit with that ridiculous cape. And who's accompanying him, none other than, Jennifer Hudson. I’m glad she at least had on a nice dress.

Now on to the women on my list. One of the most hideous dresses of the night belonged to Kirsten Dunst. Oh my gosh, she looked ridiculous. I think she was going for that whole 20’s era look, sort of like her movie “The Cat’s Meow”, but the dress wasn’t flattering at all! It made her look like a bubble. It was basically a shiny tent. Then there was Cameron Diaz. I think people loved the dress, but I didn’t. I didn’t like the color. I didn’t like the jewels. And I don’t like her. Hahaha. I’m so mean! Fabiola Beracasa , who happens to be Veronica Hearst’s daughter was wearing a dress that was like a modern version of that whole little dress under the longer dress look. I don’t know how old this lady is, but she looks old and looks like she’s trying to act young. It’s rather sad. The dress was a pretty color, but it was just so sad. The saddest overall look was Jessica Simpson. She looked bad. Her boobs looked ridiculous. Her hair looked fake. She reminded me of Topanga in Boy Meets World, but a funky looking Topanga, not the cute Topanga.

And it isn't only the dresses that I felt the urge to complain about, what about the 'tudes on these women? There was absolutely no need for Stella McCartney and Scarlett Johansson. The holding hands. Stella’s whole look bothered me. What ever happened to Gwyneth, Stella? And what was up with Renee Zellwegger's poses? The dress was gorgeous but she ruined it by posing so stupidly! And speaking of poses, why does Elizabeth Berkley have to pose so ridiculously unnatural?

On that note, here are my Top 10 worst dressed, besides Juliette Lewis:

10. Parker Posey – I love her, but the dress looked like it was stuck in a shredder and she had no time to repair it. Reminded me of Courtney Love’s debacle.

9. Angie Harmon –The dress was funky looking, but you know, Angie can pull it off. So it’s not the worst, but I just thought it was groovy.

8. Fabiola Beracasa – Pretty color, bad dress. Read above.

7. Cameron Diaz –The dress was a groovy color and too many ruffles!

6. Mary-Kate Olsen –She looked like a little girl playing dress up. I think it was too much dress for her. It looked like a Muppet was slaughtered to make this dress. But the worst part those shoes!

5. Chloe Sevigny –She always looks weird to me. The dress color reminded me of this Benetton watch I had back in the 80’s. Not a good thing.

4. Jessica Stam –I don’t know who she is, but her dress was Groovy². Not diggin’ it at all.

3. Amanda Peet –This dress looked like it was made under two hours, using a pattern bought at Wal-mart, by someone taking a home ec. class.

2. Jessica Simpson –I already said how much I disliked her look. But I’ll say it again… Bad Jessica. Bad.

1. Kirsten Dunst –The reason I started this in the first place!

Worst overall look:
Amazingly enough, Kirsten didn’t have the worst overall look. That honor went to Katie Lee Joel. Oh man, her dress was bad. It was Scarlet O’Hara, gone bad. It literally looked as if someone ripped the drapes off the windows, 5 minutes to prior to her walking in. It was bad. Actually the “cape” reminded me of those wine baggies you buy to give wine bottles as gifts. She was the bottle of wine. A bottle of wine in a hideous blue dress mind you. This was bad. Way, waaaaay worst than Juliette Lewis.

Stay tuned tomorrow, for the Good!

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Dresden Filed under Cute Boy

I had TiVo’d all of the “Dresden Files” and I finally finished them all. So in honor of Harry Dresden, a.k.a. Paul Blackthorne, I’m making him my “Cute Boy du Jour”. So yeah, he’s an unconventional hottie, but I just think he’s cute. Plus, he was good on ER and a great bad guy on 24! I’m starting to notice that most of the guys I dig, are “unconventional hotties”. Oh well.

Anyway, the show (Dresden Files) wasn’t so bad. It’s like Buffy, kind of campy and fun. I just think it’s funny that his “magic wand” is a hockey stick. Anyway, hope this guy is on a lot more shows or movies. Or at least I hope that SciFi will bring back the “Dresden Files”. Oh and did I mention that he has the cutest English accent. Although he uses an “American” one on the show. That's cute too!

(I'd credit the photo, but IMDB didn't credit it and I took it from there!
©, until I find the photographer)

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Friday, May 4, 2007

The antithesis of Wentworth

This picture is the antithesis of my Wentworth. I thought it was necessary to add this on here. I'll add another one later. When I have a little more time.

(I like how he itches the hair)


© Eileen Huereque/Albert's MySpace

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Cute Boy du Jour changes...

I'm switching "Cute Boy du Jour" day to Mondays. Why you ask?? Because it seems more official that way! Plus I can actually get it done! Since this whole Microsoft gig, I'm no longer able to Bloglog as much as I'd like. I also realized that I hadn't picked a "Cute Boy du Jour" since February! Shame on me! SO by making "Cute Boy du Jour" day on Monday's, at least I can bloglog about one of my favorite topics!

So today's "Cute Boy du Jour" is...
Wentworth Miller. He's my favorite prisoner on TV. I picked him because last week was the Prison Break Season Finale. (Don't even get me started on TV and how they're breaking up the seasons!) I love Wentworth (plus who can resist that name?) but I'm not sure I'm gonna watch Prison Break as much anymore. (Although Paul may change my mind). I don't know why, but the show isn't what it used to be, it kind of went blah. So we'll see. But I'm still digging Wentworth. Enough Said!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus NO longer in the morning, noon time or evening.

So today I was thinking about the whole Imus thing. With his comment and what not. And then I read that he was fired. First of all, I’m not the biggest Imus fan, but I’m not sure he should’ve been fired (insert boos and hisses here). The thing is, he shouldn’t have said “the comment”. It’s just wrong, but he wasn’t fired for saying “Nappy Headed Ho’s”, no matter what CBS says, he was fired because all the big sponsors pulled ads from Imus’s shows (except for Bigelow Tea), which I think in turn prompted CBS to fire Imus. That and Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, buzzing in Moonves’ ear. What I find ironic and frankly retarded is the fact that he gets fired for saying this horrible comment, which I stress again, not a nice comment, BUT rappers like 50 Cent are allowed to make horrible music and movies that degrade women while big corporate sponsors flock to them. What’s wrong with America?

My thinking is, Imus’ comment will eventually fade away, 50 Cent’s music is listened to on a daily basis by some. Every other song has the word “ho’s and n***ah’s”. Just because he’s African-American shouldn’t give him the right to say this! I find it so hypocritical. And I’m not trying to pick on 50 Cent, he’s just the only rapper who comes to mind right now. It's like he makes a lot of money selling songs that degrade women as whores and then turns around and talks about helping kids by donating to his charities. Those kids in turn, listen to his music and grow up wanting to be like 50 Cent and the cycle begins again. Frankly, this whole ideology scares me. Okay I got off on a tangent there. But I hope I’m making sense.

And don’t even get me started on Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton. Why aren’t they out there buzzing in MTV’s ear about rappers like 50 Cent? I bet if I looked hard enough, I would probably find a photo of Fitty and Big Al shaking hands or hangin’ out! And although I can’t be 100% on this, since I never did see “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” but I bet, that in that movie there is probably product placement from American Express Co., Sprint Nextel Corp., Staples Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. and General Motors Corp., the same sponsors who pulled out of Imus’ show. Ridiculous!

What I do find funny is the fact that the press has contacted practically every African-American celebrity to “discuss” Imus’ comment. My favorite was Wanda Sykes on Jay Leno. She was wondering why she was contacted about this, prompting her to ask if she was the spokesperson for nappy headed ho’s. “My hair’s curly, not nappy!”. Wanda is hilarious!

Anyway, so I’m done. And once again, even though I definitely think Imus shouldn’t have said that ridiculous comment, I don’t think he should’ve gotten fired, because then they should fire ALL celebrities who say racial comments, and you damn well they won't. Can anyone say Isaiah Washington?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blast from the Past..

I was organizing the spare/office and decided to look through some old letters and notes and whatnot. Anyway, I was reading some notes/letters from high school friends and realized how dramatic everything seemed back in the day. How we took a simple situation and turned it into a soap opera! It also made me wonder where some of these people who wrote me were. So Diane Alvarado and Kevin Hamilton if you happen to read this by some strange chance, respond and say hi...It'd be nice to hear from you.

I didn't realize what an impact those people had in my life. There are also notes from several other people, but I still talk to some of those people. Like Eileen for instance, I mean she's now related to me (through marriage) no matter what, I'll always stay close to her. I also found some notes/letters from people I've talked to in the past few years. Like Summer... It's so funny to read these notes and remember those days, when things seemed so huge and we seemed SO "grown up". I actually thought I knew it all.

It's fun to rem·i·nisce about the past..especially to read stuff about occasions you might've forgotten. I wish I could've saved everything, but with all the moves I've lost so much. I'm just grateful for what I do have. And even if it seems silly, it's great to remember those kooky high school years. Those weren't necessarily the best years of my life, but they were part of my life and eventually made me who I am today.

The End!

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Monday, April 9, 2007

Silly MSN (cont'd)

Since I cont'd this from my MySpace, let me recap (or ctrl C)..

Okay it seems that lately all I've been doing is bloglogging about Microsoft, BUT since it's taken over my life, that's all I seem to think about. Bleh.

Anyway, so today I was watching Ellen (I took the day off!) and Ellen asked Leah Remini about this new project she's doing with Sprint and Suave and once she said that, I knew it was this project that I'm working on at work...the thing is, I'm supposed to keep my mouth (and fingers) shut about this project, but here's Leah Remini talking about it to EVERYONE who watches Ellen. So my question is.. why am I supposed to keep it top secret? What's up with that?


I don't see why this would be hush hush in the first place. I work on MSN ads. Don't you want people to see your ads? Don't you want people to talk about your ads? So I don't get the secrecy. But that's MS for you :) Lots of secrets.

So that brings me to my next issue..I can't bloglog from work. Who knows if it's all mind games and whether or not Big Brother Bill is watching you..but I can't really take the chance, now can I? SO I'm bloglogging from home from now on.

BUT I will continue to bloglog about my work. Not about all the hush hush secrets... only Leah Remini can do that..but about stuff that goes on, or that I find rather amusing. So deal with it Bill G! hahaha

El Fin.

P.S. I really need to see Grindhouse.

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Tag, I'm it!

So I was tagged by Summer a LONG time ago.

I was supposed to list 6 things about me that people probably don’t know. Well I never did it, so I thought I’d do it now. I’m not tagging anyone, or at least not 6 people…BUT here it goes:

1. I learned how to ride a horse (at five) waaaay before I learned how to ride a bike (at nine).
2. My legal name was *Aguirre* until my mom changed it when I was fifteen (she never told me this though!).
3. I have a knack for remembering people’s birthdays.
4. I hate the taste and smell of eggs. One slight hint of egg and I gag.
5. I hate to drive, and I’ll do anything I can to no have to.
6. I have an oral fixation. I am constantly biting my nails, picking at my teeth, etc... it’s ridiculous actually.

I tag no one.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools!

It’s April Fool’s Day and I haven’t April Fooled anyone! I used to love to “fool” peole (especially Albert). But I guess because I’m so busy with work and getting this house straightened out that I’m not thinking of the everyday things I used to do. I swear as soon as this house is in order and I get myself on a schedule with work and life outside of work (is there life outside of Microsoft?) then I will go back to my “normal” (whatever that is!) self.
Until now…
My April Fools will be to NOT April Fools.

April Fools!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Microsoft and Me part 2

So I haven't bloglogged in forever! I feel awful about it. I guess I didn't do very well on my resolutions.

BUT it's the jobbiejob! It's not that I'm realllly busy, it's just that after the long commute from work and by the time Paul and I have dinner, it's just too late to do anything else. So I haven't bloglogged!

But I had a little bit of time today so I thought I may as well bloglog about what I do at work.

I mostly work on the Pedigree site for MSN. Every week, I read the articles that will be posted the following week and I choose pics that relate to the articles, I "fix" them up to look all nice and pretty and stuff and then I send them off to be added to the Pedigree site. Easy Cheesy.

To see what I do click here .

But then I have to do the boring corporate stuff (which really isn't SO bad) and license the photos. Which is a HUGE thing since this IS Microsoft and apparently people like to sue Microsoft for any reason, so we have to cross our t's and dot our i's.

So that's basically all I do. I've been working on some other stuff, like,
yesterday I had to choose pics for the LeBron James MSN site. That was kinda neat considering I had to choose pics of celebrities born in Ohio.
Actually view his blog . It's rather interesting.

There's also perks, like shwaaaag! So far I've gotten two pretty cool bags and lots of photos and buttons and a t-shirt (for Paul!) and today I'm getting taken to lunch. So I can't complain...much :)

Anyway, that's what I do.
Do I enjoy it? Sure.
Do I like getting up in the morning? NOPE
Do I like commuting? Not even!
Would I keep doing this forever and ever? Probably not :)

But for now, it pays the rent.

The End.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Microsoft and me

So why haven't I bloglogged lately? Well...I got a job! It's a miracle! But I finally got a job. And of all places, at Microsoft! It's so crazy, never in my wildest dreams would I picture myself working at Microsoft, but stranger things have happened, I guess :)

I'm actually doing something fun. I look at photos all day long and pick the best ones for MSN web sites. I think my title is something like assistant Photo Editor. I don't even know! haha. But it's pretty cool. And I must say, Microsoft isn't as bad as I had imagined it. I'm enjoying it. The best part is, I can show up anytime between 9 to 10:30a.m. Just as long as I work 8 hours. Nifty I must say.

I'm actually working on contract, because apparently it's rare to be a full time employee of Microsoft. But I think it's a year contract, or will eventually be a year. We'll see.

The only draw back is no time to blog :( And you know, at Microsoft, Big Brother Bill is definitely watching you. So I definitely can't bloglog there! It's crazy all the security in the joint, but I guess it's understandable. Actually I should stop writing now, before I get in trouble. heheheh.

So as much as I'd like to bloglog more, I'm probably going to be doing less. Or at least until I get settled into the new house. Which is coming along. We've pretty much finished the kitchen and our bedroom and painted the living room, we just got to put out a bunch of stuff. But it's coming along!

Well, I must sleep. I have to wake up in the morning. Bleh. That's another drawback. Waking up and going to work. YUCKY!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moving day!

Tomorrow's moving day so I won't be able to Blog for awhile.

So until then...adios!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

And the Oscar goes to...

So today's the Oscars. I guess I'm not as excited as I usually am because I haven't seen most of the films nominated this year. Seriously, I think the only films I've seen are those nominated for Visual Effects: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Poseidon and Superman Returns.

Paul and I have filled out our ballots and here are our choices: (We have a little wager going on who chooses the most winners)

Liz's Choices (in this color) and Paul's Choices (in this color).

Actor Leading:
Ryan Gosling
Forest Whitaker

Actor Supporting:
Alan Arkin
Eddie Murphy

Actress Leading:
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren

Actress Supporting:
Cate Blanchett (don't want Jennifer!)
Jennifer Hudson

Animated Feature:

Art Direction:
Pan's Labyrinth
Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth
Pan's Labyrinth

Costume Design:
Marie Antoinette
The Devil Wears Prada

Letters from Iwo Jima
The Departed

Documentary Feature:
An Inconvenient Truth
Jesus Camp

Documentary Short:
The Blood of Yingzhou District
Two Hands

Film Editing:
The Departed

Foreign Language Film:
Pan's Labyrinth
Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth
Pan's Labyrinth

Original Score:
Pan's Labyrinth
The Queen

Original Song:
Cars "Our Town"
Cars "Our Town"

Best Picture:

Short Film-Animated:

Short Film-Live Action:
West Bank Story
The Saviour

Sound Editing:
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Letters from Iwo Jima

Sound Mixing:

Visual Effects:
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The Departed
Borat Cultural Learnings of Amercica For Make Benefit Glorious

Little Miss Sunshine

The Queen

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

2007 Independent Spirit Awards

I watched the Independent Spirit Awards on IFC today. It was alright. I haven't seen most of the movies nominated. This is the first time, that I haven't seen any of the movies nominated for any awards this year. It's quite pathetic actually. But I blame the whole move and not having a job. Since Paul and I are sort of strapped for cash, we really don't go out much. So that means no movies. Which sucks really, because I love watching movies! Oh well.

So congratulations to all the award winners, especially:
Best Feature: "Little Miss Sunshine"
Best Director:
Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris, "Little
Miss Sunshine"
Best Documentary:
"The Road to Guantanamo"

Best Foreign Film:
"The Lives of Others"

Best Female Lead:
Shareeka Epps,"Half Nelson"
Best Male Lead:
Ryan Gosling, "Half Nelson"
Best Supporting Female: Frances McDormand, "Friends With Money"
Best Supporting Male:
Alan Arkin, "Little Miss Sunshine"
Best Screenplay:Jason Reitman, "Thank You For Smoking"
Best First Screenplay:
Michael Arndt, "Little Miss Sunshine"
Best Cinematography:Guillermo Navarro, "Pan's Labyrinth"

Later on tonight (early tomorrow) I'll post my Oscar predictions!

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Friday, February 23, 2007

In honor of the Oscars....

Today's "Cute Boy du Jour" day and I'm making today's cute boy, "Clive Owen", in honor of the Oscars. So yeah, he didn't get nominated for an Oscar or anything, but "Children of Men" did for Cinematography, Editing and Best Screenplay, so in honor of that movie and since Sunday's the Oscars, Clive is my Boy du Jour. Yum!

I totally thought he should've been Bond, but I guess he had good reasons not to take the role. I remember first seeing Clive in "Croupier", which was an interesting movie, but I started to take notice when he was in "Gosford Park". Although he had a smaller role, I totally took notice in how yum he was! And then I saw him in "The Bourne Identity" and that's when I added him to my "cute boy" list.

Anyway, he's my "Cute Boy du Jour".

Picture courtesy of © Stephane Cardinale/People Avenue/Corbis.
View Stephane's photos on Corbis

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What's Your Favorite...

I've been meaning to blog more but Paul is "Squash"ing, so I'm just going to answer a question from "My Favorite Things, How Well Do You Know Your..." by Raisner, Klausner and Raisner. (I have some topics listed overthere ––> )

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE.... (from page 142, randomly chosen!)

Foreign Film?
Foreign Language?

These are my top ten Foreign Films. My most favorite is #1. (I couldn't pick just one!)
1. "Amalie"
2. "Todo sobre mi Madre"
3. "Habla con Ella"
4. "Y Tu Mama Tambien"
5. "Run Lola Run"
6. "Crouching Tiger..."
7. "Princess Mononoke"
8. "Amores Perros"
9. "Spirited Away"
10. "Kung Fu Hustle"

As for my Favorite Foreign Language..that would be Croatian. It sounds yummy!
(Of course that's because I'm only thinking of Goran Visnjic)

Okay it's YOUR TURN! (If anyone is reading this...go ahead tell me your favorites!)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hannibal Lector is the Cute Boy du Jour?

It's "Cute Boy du Jour" day and I've chosen Gaspard Ulliel, the guy who played Hannibal Lecter in "Hannibal Rising". Okay, he's a bit odd looking in some shots, but for the most part, he has this intense look about him. I don't know, I just found him interesting to look at. And since I went to see Hannibal Rising yesterday, I figured may as well add the boy to my list. So in honor of the movie (and his weird voice in it!) I'm making good ol' Gaspy my "Cute Boy du Jour".


OH. Sorry about the gross pic (although if you haven't seen the flick, perhaps you don't realize that there's blood all over his face), I just thought he looked cute here (sans the blood of course!)

On a different note, apparently some blogger guy made my Bloglog his "Blog of the day", which is cool, but didn't generate much response! Hmpfh! Plus, I don't think he enjoyed the tunes! hahaha. Which brings me to another point, I ended up removing the playlist overthere ->, not because of that blogger guy, but because half of the songs don't work, especially in this blog. So I 86ed the playlist. But, you can still listen to it here. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day...part deux

It's about 12 hours later and I'm still trying to think of something to blog about.

Since I can't really think of anything, I think I'm going to answer a question from "The Book of Questions" by Gregory Stock.

QUESTION 14 (for Valentine's Day!)

"Would you rather be extremely successful professionally and have a tolerable yet unexciting private life, or have an extrememly happy private life and only a tolerable and uninspiring professional life?"
I already have a happy private life and an uninspiring professional life! So maybe I'll pick the extremely successful profession. It would be cool to be something different, like an art curator for The Met. That sounds like a successful profession. Plus I'm sure it would be fun doing that type of work. At least I think it would be fun. I'm sure it's hard work though. I really wouldn't mind if my private life were boring and dull, if my professional life could fulfill the void. Plus then I'd probably never have to worry about bills! And I'd take that over a happy private life, any day!

So if anyone is reading this, what are your thoughts on this question? Anyone? An•y•one?

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day today and it's the first time Paul and I don't do anything to celebrate. But since we really can't afford to go anywhere, we're just staying home and hanging out. Plus, we have to pack! Perhaps tomorrow we'll go see a movie. The last movie we saw was "The Wicker Man". How sad is that??

So today I wanted to blog about so many things, but unfortunately I have writer's block! It sucks. I think I'm kind of mad because I had a job lined up and it fell through, but I refuse to dwell on it. Although, that's all that consumes my thoughts at the moment. I'm so upset. I'm upset that people are so in·com·pe·tent and put the blame on me. It's so sad that people don't see what Paul and I are capable of. Did we really misjudge the creativity and design world of Seattle? We'll just have to wait and find out. I'm glad Paul's doing "Squash" though. It's a good release for him.

Speaking of "Squash", Paul has to go do that right perhaps I'll come back with something more interesting to blog about...And a better 'tude!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Secret Crush

Okay on to the business at hand...Secret Crushes. So I was Blog Exploring on Blog Explosion and I came upon this boy's bloglog, he was about 19, but he looked just like this boy who I had a massive crush on in highschool. Then I got to thinking about this boy back in highschool. You know, wondered what he was doing, if he ever got married, stuff like that, then it hit me...he was my Secret Crush. I don't think anyone ever knew I had a crush on him! Well, Paul knows now, but back then..I kept it under wraps!

His name was Gabriel Rosales. I had him for one class, the whole time I was in highschool. I used to sit by him in Geology my Jr. year. I can still picture him now. He was a little rebellious, I guess. Maybe that's why I was crushing on him! I hated highschool, probably just as much as he did. I finally stopped crushin' when he "crushed" my heart! Awe. He had commented on these bracelets I had and kept telling me how "cool" they were. But, even though my mom had brought them back for me from Albuquerque and they were sterling silver with these cool etchings on them, me being the dumb ass that I was, gave them to him!

The crushing part was, a week later, this chick named Cattina had bracelets that looked exactly like the ones I had given Gabriel and so I told her that I thought her bracelets were cool and she said.."OH Gabriel gave them to me!" I knew those were the bracelets I had given him. They weren't your average bracelets you could buy at the local mall. My mouth dropped. My heart broke. I never told him that I knew he gave Catt the bracelets. I just pretended to not care. As a matter of fact, I never told anyone about the bracelets or my crush.

The next year, he had graduated and I was a Senior. I was walking to my car when I saw him in the parking lot, he was picking up his sister from school. He called me over, we talked a bit and he kept saying I looked different and how good my hair looked. He even suggested that we hang out sometime. I said something about not having time. The next day his sister told me that he told her to say "hi" to me. I laughed.

By this time, I was already going out with my wonderful Paul, who I eventually married and we've lived happily ever after. Plus, Paul never gave away anything I gave him :)

The End!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

There's a Monster in your TUBE.

I found this while searching through some YouTube vids. It's amazing (sort of reminds me of Invisible Creature)

See more here.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Cute Boy du Jour

I forgot today was "Cute Boy du Jour" day. Actually, I just forgot today was Friday!

Today's "Cute Boy du Jour" is Christopher Gorham. I've been TiVOing "Jake 2.0" on SciFi recently (every Friday) and I'm smitten by this boy. He's dorky but in the cutest way possible. Now I can see him even more, since he's been guest starring on "Ugly Betty", as Henry, Betty's new love interest. I hope they keep him on there for awhile.

So what has Christopher been on recently, that he's most memorable for? Well....I remember first seeing him on the short-lived "Popular". But I only saw two episodes of that. Apparently after "Popular" he was on "Felicity", which I don't remember him being in at all. After this he was on "Jake 2.0", which I'm sad to say I never saw, so I definitely wouldn't have recognized him from that. What I really remember him from, was "Medical Investigations". After seeing on him that show, I finally started to recognize him. After "Medical Investigations" he was on "Out of Practice". I actually tried to watch the show, but for some reason it irked me. Anyway...that's enough of his filmography. I'm not the IMDB!'s sad though, all of Christopher Gorham's shows have been canceled. Perhaps he'll become one of "Ugly Betty's" main characters and that won't be canceled anytime soon, but then again, he may just get the boot on the show. So hopefully he won't and I'll be able to see more of this cutie.

Enjoy my boy.

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Anna Nicole Smith died?

I was watching UGLY BETTY last night and they announced that GMA was doing a special on Anna Nicole Smith's death! She's dead? I can't believe Anna Nicole Smith passed away! Paul and I were just watching some nonsense about her on some TV show. Woah. I wonder what she died of? Did the TrimSpa kill her? I bet it did! That sucker's sure to do harm to the kidneys, liver, heart, etc...

So what's going to happen to the little baby? And what about that whole lawsuit for all that cash? And where's Howard K. Stern? So many questions!

I must investigate.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tube Surfing with Stephen King


So awhile back Paul and I went to Best Buy and I finally gave in and said yes to the trial subscription to the magazine of our choice. I figured, may as well get 8 issues of "Entertainment Weekly", for free, since I usually buy the magazine anyway. While reading one of these free issues, I came upon a neat little article by Stephen King. He was talking about all the channels he has and how he only watches LOST, 24 and Prison Break (or Heroes, I forget) he decided to surf the channels. I thought, with all the TV watching I do anyway, may as well try this. Here's what I came up with. (I just entered numbers and hoped it was a station, if it wasn't available I hit either the up or down key, I surfed for approximately 15min.).

I turn on the tube and it's on Ch. 7, the local ABC channel. "One Life to Live" is on and I'm surprised to see this one actor, who I had a mad crush on in highschool, is on this soap. He looks really old and weathered! Moving forward...Ch.357, CNBW (It's CNBC World). "Business Arabia" is on. Interesting enough. Although, I can't figure out what they're saying. Plus it's ending. Next...Ch. 531, EDRA (Encore Drama) "The Verdict" with Paul Newman is on. He's about to hop into bed with that lady from "Swimming Pool", boy did she get old. Although I was intrigued, I had to keep going. Ch. 426, GOL (GolTV), Hey a 24 hour soccer network! All I kept thinking and hearing was GOOOOOOOOOOAL. Heh..these two Hispanic guys are hosting this sports show, which I'm assuming is about soccer, and speaking really fast Spanish, but two other guys are translating. The translators arefunny. They're saying something about kidney stones. Hmm? Next...Ch. 256, TCM (Turner Classic Movies) "Stalag17" is on. All I know about this movie is that it has to do with Nazis, but from this short preview of it, I remembered why I never saw it. Moving on... Ch. 22, MyQ (Local Channel), Judge Hatchett is yelling at some dude for talking about his girlfriend's cheesey stained underwear. hahaha. Thank God a commercial came on or I would've gotten stuck. Ch.335, VH1 (what does VH1 stand for?) "The White Rapper Show" is on. But it's a commercial for Sonic's Coney & Tots, I love these guys on this commercial, they're too hilarious. Next..276, NGC (National Geographic Channel), "Deep Sea Drillers" was on. Another commercial. This one's on Zantax. NEXT...Ch. 378, NRB (I have no idea what this channel is, just that it's a religious channel). "The Logan Show" is on. Seems interesting enough. Apparently this guy is Logan, he's hosting a show, like Leno..OH He's Canadian! He's interviewing a Canadian Christian Rock Group. The one guy looks like Donnie Osmond. The other guy is mumbling. Logan hasn't spoken yet. Oh, the band's name is Down Here. Never heard of 'em. Sound good. Must keep a mental note of this. Moving on...Ch. 263, LOGO (The Gay and Lesbian channel). Bernadette Peters is kissing a chick! Oh they're getting married. It's a movie called "Bobbie's Girl" and it has that little boy from "About a boy" in it. He just screamed Muzeltof! We have about 7 minutes to go....Ch. 354, G4 (The Gamers Channel) and COPS! is on? Shocker..Shocker...Shocker a cop is arresting a white trash chick who's drunk, oh and she's a prostitute! She's in possession of someone else's credit card that has been reported stolen! She's buying crack with it? Whaaaat? You can buy crack with credit cards? NEXT...Ch. 404, GALA (Galavision), more Spanish TV. It's "La Hora de la Papa", The Hour of the Potato? Holy Cow it's a Mexican Boy Band! Damn, it ended. Almost done....Ch.379, RFD (who knows what it stands for, but it's a Farming Channel, and one of Paul's favorites..hahaha) Oh yeah baby, tractor racing! This is better than the FFA competition Paul watches! Woah too many Clint flashbacks.... Ch. 521, STZW (Starz! West), OOO "Glory Road" is on. Reminds me of Paul and all the work he had to do during that premiere. Awe. NEXT...592, PPV, YIKES, it's PPV Porn! Black Screened, thank goodness.'s "Girls Gone Wild: Blondes 2" Woo baby. NEXT...Ch. 612, FUEL (Fuel TV), It's the "Sorsa Project". Hey it's an indoor snow slope for snowboarders, in Dubai! Seems interesting enough but I only have a few seconds left for surfing, enough for one more channel....Ch. 832, XM Cafe. It's Satellite Music. Why do I feel like I've heard of this station before?

My 15 minutes are up. The End!

Until Next time...

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday and New House

Paul's watching the Super Bowl and I'm really not paying attention. I think it's over. It is. The Colts won. Woo.

On a more interesting note..Paul and I got a new place! We're so excited!!! It's a nice house, in a really nice neighborhood and the best part, the rent is way cheaper than what we were paying! We're so happy.

Here's some pics of the front of the house.

I'll post more pics later.

I got no responses to my little game :( awe. But I won't give up. I need to find people to read this bloglog.

That's what I'm gonna do. Well after I go make dinner.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Identify these 3 actors!

So here's a bit of fun stuff...I know no one's probably reading these (well except for maybe Summer) so we'll see if this eventually works...BUT I was playing this neat game where they used facial parts of three different movie stars and you had to identify all three. Paul and I actually did pretty well.

So Identity all three stars :)

Hint: They all have something in common.
(Eventually people will read this blog and this will work better. haha)

Friday, February 2, 2007

Punxsutawney Phil

Phil's official forecast as read 2/2/07 at 7:28 a.m. at Gobbler's Knob:

Straight from the Groundhog website:

"El Nino has caused high winds, heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the west.
Here in the East with much mild winter weather we have been blessed.

Global warming has caused a great debate.
This mild winter makes it seem just great.

On this Groundhog Day we think of one thing.
Will we have winter or will we have spring?

On Gobbler's Knob I see no shadow today.
I predict that early spring is on the way."

We'll see if this Groundhog knows what the heck he's talking about!

Today's not just Groundhog day but "Cute boy du jour" day. I'm still sick and pretty busy looking for an apt. SO I think I'm going to add my "Cute boy du jour" but not do movie review day. Or perhaps postpone it for Sunday, since it's Super Bowl Sunday and I could care less :)

Today's "Cute boy du jour" is Dweezil Zappa.
Since it's Groundhog's Day I
wanted to pick a boy who had something to do with this day...and here's why I picked Dweezil:
Dweezil was on a show called "Dweezil and Lisa" with his then fiancé Lisa Loeb. On one particular episode, Dweezil plays golf with Bill Murray, Bill Murray was on that kooky movie "Groundhog's Day", hence the connection to Groundhog Day! Ta da!

I love Dweezil. I've loved Dweezil forever! I even had a fish named after him. (Okay the fish's name was Franklin first, because I had two fish, Ben and Franklin, but then Franklin ate Ben and it just wasn't any fun to have a Franklin without a Ben, so I switched his name to Dweezil after my then bofrend, Dweezil Zappa!)

So yeah, loved Dweezil since I was like 12. He's still cute. And I'm sorry to type this, but I'm actually happy he and Lisa never got married. The End.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sick (and tired)

I feel sick today. I think all this apt. shopping got me sick. Actually it was all that hand shaking, someone got me sick but good! But I have to feel better because this Thurs. Paul and I are going to meet with the owners of the cool apt. I guess we're being interviewed. How funny's that?We'll see how that goes.

So today we saw more apts. Actually all we saw were townhomes. One was really nice and was was teeny tiny and they wanted $1100! and we had to pay ALL utilities. Crap!

I'm getting sick and tired of looking for a place. So I'm ready to just sign any papers and not have to deal with this anymore.

Enough of the apt. talk.

I have this great idea for a new blog post and I think I'm going to post one on Sat.
I hope I get some traffic, because it deals with people participation.

I don't know how many people I've told about this bloglog, but no one seems to bother to participate, except Summer! So thanks Summer!! Maybe Summer and I need to find ourselves some bloggers.

I want to type more, but my throat is so sore, so I'm going to bed!