Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Longest Yard (and day)

Paul and I went to the Seahawks game today. It was the first game for the both of us. It was actually the first NFL game I had ever been to. The tickets were like $175 for two and I must say, it was so not worth it. Yes, I do admit I’m not the biggest football fan out there, but I’m not a huge baseball fan either and I highly enjoy those games. So I don’t believe I was biased against the game. I think what made this game totally not worth the cash boiled down to two reasons: getting to the nosebleed seats and the drunkard a-holes surrounding us.
First of all, we literally trekked five bazillion miles to get to our seats. Yes, walking is good for me, but seriously, I should’ve brought my hiking gear and boots to climb up ALL those stairs, not to mention the fact that the stadium doesn’t have an escalator to get to the top. Again, yes, exercise is good, but come on, would it have killed anyone to put an escalator going to the high level so that one could be prepared to climb the bazillion stairs? By the time we got to our seats (literally 4th down from the highest seats available) I was NOT about to go back down to get the usual stadium delicacies, such as hot dogs and Jones Soda (yay Jones for winning the bid!) So already, points were starting to get deducted in my book. Nonetheless, after catching my breath and wishing I had brought a portable oxygen tank with me, I decided to let it go and enjoy the game. Besides the view was nice. I could see the ferries and big ships in the distance, it was really amazing. And I did manage to get some pretty good shots, even from “way up there”. Anyway, before I go on to my second reason why I didn’t enjoy this highly anticipated event, I have to mention this one little thing… I get the fact that Seattle has this whole 12th man thing and that being loud is what these games are known for, but Holy Cow, I wasn’t prepared for how loud it really was going to be. Either I’m getting old and my ears are getting super sensitive, OR else, some of these people are absolutely nuts! I go with the latter…which brings me to the drunken a-holes and the second reason why Lizzy didn’t enjoy the game [as much as I had hoped to].

I understand that people tend to drink at these games. I mean, cliché wise, it’s what people do, football, beer and dogs (the HOT variety). But seriously, must people get obnoxiously drunk? Okay so that’s a semi oxymoron, but why don’t people who drink learn how to handle their liquor? And if you know you’ll act like an ass, why drink SO much? There were three idiots, and I use that term loosely, who totally could NOT handle their beer intake. It all started with these two guys right in front of Paul and I, who were loud, obnoxious and calling any Bengal fan near them a LOSER (unfortunately we were sitting on the “visitor’s” side). Now clearly these “foos” were drunk. But at times, they were funny. One of them would get down with his dirty self, while the other stood and yelled. And yes, they stood the entire time. So this meant Paul and I could not see a thing, unless we stood as well. (Which I didn’t) A security guard, if you can call her that, came to stand by our section, but seriously, she was a joke. Now picture the smallest Asian chick you can think of, and that’s who was “securing” our section. After half-time, this really thin girl, carrying two beers, swaggered by us and unfortunately became best friends with the two drunkards below us. This chick was unbelievable.

She’d grab people’s asses as they passed her, she threw Ziti noodles, sauce and all, at people several rows below us, she yelled like a maniac and she spilt beer, numerous times on the poor people right below her. And not one single time did anyone do a damn thing about it. Sure, I didn’t do anything about it either, BUT I wasn’t the one who got beer and Ziti thrown on them, nor whose ass was being grabbed. Her actions were just so mind-boggling that I had to take pictures of her. I also knew she’d be a topic in my blog! Needless to say Paul and I left a little bit before the game ended. Yes, we missed the winning touchdown and probably missed the really good part of the game, but somehow we figured it was worth it.

Before we left, we bought a delicious hot dog (and those words usually don’t come out of my mouth) and headed back down the five bazillion mile ramp (pretty much burned off the Dog and soda). It was kind of sad to see so many vomit puddles on the way down. I’d hate to be the people who had to clean up the mess. As we were exiting the stadium, after thinking the madness was over, some drunk lady kept grabbing my jacket, which was around my waist. I thought she was trying to steal it for some reason, so I kept smacking her hand. I wasn’t sure what was going on. She was behind me so it surprised me and I really thought she was trying to take something from me. Paul was a few steps ahead of me and when he turned around, he wasn’t sure what was happening. I had to yank him back because next thing I know he was in her face. Haha. She kept slurring the words, “you’re alright, honey” to me. It turns out, she was burning me with her cigarette ashes and was trying to clean them off of me. How nice! To boot, this all happened in front of Seattle security/police guys. It still amazes me that not one single guy bothered to ask what was going on. A joke I tell ya, a joke.

So walking back to the car, we both came to the conclusion that A, we wouldn’t be attending another game, unless someone gave us tickets or we were able to purchase NICE seats either in those boxes or at least in really low section (those seats are ridiculous to get!) and B, Seattle security and people are just TOO nice (except for the drunken a-holes). Oh yeah and to end the day with a big ol’ cherry on top, while in the garage elevator, this father and teenage son were in there with us and the kid asked the dad, why were they flying flags or something like was Nat’l Hispanic Day, anyway, he answered his kid with some “clever comment”, which was basically a bit on the racist side and the kid just looked at Paul and I with embarrassment. But I didn’t care, I just wanted to get into my car, and get far away from all this smelly, drunken, nonsense known as football. Go Seahawks :)

pictures taken at Seahawk game 2007 © LAPH 2007

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At December 13, 2007 at 5:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure you didn't make any of this up? - Al

At December 13, 2007 at 5:05 PM , Blogger Lizzy said...

Now why would I do that?? Unfortunately it's all true. Sigh


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