Monday, May 21, 2007

Canne I ask you a question?

So I was looking at photos from the Canne film festival and it made me think of several questions....

#1. Why must Angelina Jolie hold Dan Futterman's hand? She never holds Brad's hand, or at least not in public that way, but why must she hold Dan's hand? It bothers me, it really does.

#2. Why in the world does Brad have that 50's little boy hairstyle? It looks funny.

#3. Do the Finnish Heavy metal band, Lordi, always dress like characters from Star Trek?

#4. Is Polanski looking for a 2000's version of Sharon Tate?

#5. Was my bofrend Gael Garcia Bernal, purposely trying to dress like Charlie Chaplin (sans the hat and cane and moustache)?

#6. Speaking of hands (#1)...Why, in every single picture, is Mischa Barton holding Lily Cole's hand? (apparently I have a thing for people holding hands!)

#7. What the heck was wrong with Sharon Stone's cheeks? (she's hanging out on Roberto Cavalli's yacht and they look rather chimpunky)

#8. Who is Gemma Arterton and why was she channeling Jennifer Garner's character Sydney Bristow on Alias?

#9. Why are Pamela Anderson (and David Binn), Kid Rock (and girlfriend), James Blunt (and new girlfriend), spooky Lordi, Ivana Trump and Jessica Simpson at the Canne Film Festival?

#10. And last but not least, why can't I be at the Canne Film festival?

I'd promise pics, but I never deliver! So just use your imagination.

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At May 23, 2007 at 4:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy COW. These questions made me laugh. -Molly-o


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