Monday, April 9, 2007

Silly MSN (cont'd)

Since I cont'd this from my MySpace, let me recap (or ctrl C)..

Okay it seems that lately all I've been doing is bloglogging about Microsoft, BUT since it's taken over my life, that's all I seem to think about. Bleh.

Anyway, so today I was watching Ellen (I took the day off!) and Ellen asked Leah Remini about this new project she's doing with Sprint and Suave and once she said that, I knew it was this project that I'm working on at work...the thing is, I'm supposed to keep my mouth (and fingers) shut about this project, but here's Leah Remini talking about it to EVERYONE who watches Ellen. So my question is.. why am I supposed to keep it top secret? What's up with that?


I don't see why this would be hush hush in the first place. I work on MSN ads. Don't you want people to see your ads? Don't you want people to talk about your ads? So I don't get the secrecy. But that's MS for you :) Lots of secrets.

So that brings me to my next issue..I can't bloglog from work. Who knows if it's all mind games and whether or not Big Brother Bill is watching you..but I can't really take the chance, now can I? SO I'm bloglogging from home from now on.

BUT I will continue to bloglog about my work. Not about all the hush hush secrets... only Leah Remini can do that..but about stuff that goes on, or that I find rather amusing. So deal with it Bill G! hahaha

El Fin.

P.S. I really need to see Grindhouse.

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At April 9, 2007 at 6:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right. That makes NO SENSE. Maybe Leah is the spearhead, and only SHE is authorized to spread the news. haha.... My friend Jaime blogged about "Grindhouse"... you should read it. -Alberto de San Antonio

At April 10, 2007 at 9:07 PM , Blogger Lizzy said...

What's his blog?


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