Friday, February 9, 2007

Cute Boy du Jour

I forgot today was "Cute Boy du Jour" day. Actually, I just forgot today was Friday!

Today's "Cute Boy du Jour" is Christopher Gorham. I've been TiVOing "Jake 2.0" on SciFi recently (every Friday) and I'm smitten by this boy. He's dorky but in the cutest way possible. Now I can see him even more, since he's been guest starring on "Ugly Betty", as Henry, Betty's new love interest. I hope they keep him on there for awhile.

So what has Christopher been on recently, that he's most memorable for? Well....I remember first seeing him on the short-lived "Popular". But I only saw two episodes of that. Apparently after "Popular" he was on "Felicity", which I don't remember him being in at all. After this he was on "Jake 2.0", which I'm sad to say I never saw, so I definitely wouldn't have recognized him from that. What I really remember him from, was "Medical Investigations". After seeing on him that show, I finally started to recognize him. After "Medical Investigations" he was on "Out of Practice". I actually tried to watch the show, but for some reason it irked me. Anyway...that's enough of his filmography. I'm not the IMDB!'s sad though, all of Christopher Gorham's shows have been canceled. Perhaps he'll become one of "Ugly Betty's" main characters and that won't be canceled anytime soon, but then again, he may just get the boot on the show. So hopefully he won't and I'll be able to see more of this cutie.

Enjoy my boy.

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At February 12, 2007 at 2:06 PM , Blogger Jay said...

Good pick - I adore him!


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